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They make a surprisingly good wine. YOu can use a lot less than the 2kg, I think I just used a kg last time and it was  plenty

Parsnip Wine

2 Kg  Parsnips
250ml grape concentrate
1.5kg sugar
1tsp citric acid or acid blend
1tsp yeast nutrient
Yeast - Gervin no 3
Scrub the parsnips, chop them into small chunks then boil in   3 pints of water for about 20 mins.
Strain into a clean bucket and add sugar.
Leave to cool, pour into a clean sterilised demi john.
Top up to seven pints with cold water.
Add rest of ingredients and leave to ferment.
After  the vigouros fermenting slows down top up with cold water to the shoulders of the demi john.
Leave to ferment out for  about 3 weeks.
Taste or check the gravity with a hydrometer, it should be dry , under 1000 sg on the hydrometer.
If  it's too sweet leave longer,
Add a campden tablet and a stabiliser tablet and leave to clear.
This wine is a bit sherry like in flavour and is best left to mature for a while.
But who wants to wait? Just drink it!
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