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We can't get enthusiastic about Loganberry wine as we've never seen one. We think it might be a cult thing and we don't like cults...

They're a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry

he same recipe as Dewberry, Raspberry and Blackberry
2kg ripe washed fruit
1kg Sugar
No2 Gervin Yeast
Citric Acid
Place fruit in a clean and sterilised bucket with the sugar. Pour 2 kettles (4 Pints) of boiling water over the fruit and add the sugar. Stir well and leave overnight.
 Add the pectolase citric acid and yeast and leave a further 24 hours.
Strain into a demijohn, don't squeeze too much!   Top up to a gallon with cold water.
Leave in a warm place until fermentation stops.
Add a campden and finings, we recommend Kwik Cleer.
Drink when it tastes good- it does improve and it's best left a couple of months.