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Wine from Grapes? Blimey whatever next!

I made a gallon from the grapes growing round my back door, i used unripe grapes and you could taste them in the finished wine. ONly use good grapes!

Wine From Grapes
Grape Wine!
Use only the ripe undamaged grapes, bad grapes make bad wine.
Crush them, either get your shoes off or use a masher or squash them by hand. Or,we have pulpers for sale, see cider above. When every grape is squashed add a yeast-a Gervin Yeast is best. Leave in the bucket for about 2 days then press the grapes
to get the juice out--you'll need a lot of muscle or a press off us(between 60 to 300 pounds depending on size or you'll have to make one. We do hire a small press for £5.00 a week, £50.00 deposit.
When you've pressed all the grapes, put them into a fermenter with an airlock to ferment out.
You'll probably need to add 8oz of sugar a gallon for most grapes grown in England, add this to the container after pressing.
About 7kg of grapes will produce a gallon of juice.
When the wine stops fermenting add campden tablets and stabiliser. You might need to sweeten the wine a bit as it can go incredibly dry(sour). Remember---only ripe uindamaged grapes!!! No mouldy ones!! Have fun...