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Elderberry Wine -One of the best homemade wines,some recipes say to boil the Elderberries but this makes them bitter and very strong.



Elderberry--Also Blackcurrant
3lb Elderberries
250 ml grape concentrate
1kg sugar
1 tsp citric acid
1 tsp pectolase
yeast and nutrient
Both these fruits are strongly flavoured and I would strongly recommend
that you do not boil or soak them too long. Don't overdo the amount  of the elderberries.. They're easy to pick and it's tempting to use a lot
Pull the elderberries off the stalks, it doesn't matter if a bit of stalk gets in. Then put it into a clean
sterilised food grade bucket
Pour 2 pints boiling water over the fruit and leave overnight.
Next day add 4 pints cold water, and everything but the grape concentrate.
Leave 24 hours and strain off. Do not squeeze too much!
Pour into a demi john with an airlock and add the grape concentrate.
Leave until it stops frothing(about 2 days) and fill up with cold water to the shoulder of the demi john.
Ferment out as normal, when it stops fermenting( bubbles stop) syphon off into a clean dem-john  and add a campden tablet .
Leave about a month if it doesn't clear, add finings and another campden tablet.
Bottle when clear- it can taste a bit strong but gets better!!
If you want to drink it quick add only 2lb of fruit and cut the sugar down by about a tenth.
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