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We've never even seen a Dewberry! We've had a look and they are s form of Blackberry---So just follow for Blackberry Wine. You find them in sandunes in coastal areas...




he same recipe as Dewberry, Raspberry and Blackberry
2kg ripe washed fruit
1kg Sugar
No2 Gervin Yeast
Citric Acid
Place fruit in a clean and sterilised bucket with the sugar. Pour 2 kettles (4 Pints) of boiling water over the fruit and add the sugar. Stir well and leave overnight.
 Add the pectolase citric acid and yeast and leave a further 24 hours.
Strain into a demijohn, don't squeeze too much!   Top up to a gallon with cold water.
Leave in a warm place until fermentation stops.
Add a campden and finings, we recommend Kwik Cleer.
Drink when it tastes good- it does improve and it's best left a couple of months.