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Date Wine--Seems to have fallen out of favour but dates are cheaper than they ever were. It is a bit sort of sherryish and we don't drink a lot of sherry any more. They drank it a lot on Terry and June in the seventies!



Date Wine
1kg Stoned Dates
500g raisins
1.5kg sugar
High Alcohol yeast
Yeast Nutrient
This wine is a medium to sweet wine, a rather old fashioned sort of wine that your granny used to make!
It's closer to a sweet sherry than anything else!
Chop up the dates and raisins and put into a clean food grade bucket.
Pour 4 pints of boiling water(two kettles full is about right) over the fruit and add the sugar.
Leave overnight covered with a clean cloth
 Next day add the rest of ingredients and 2 pints of cold water.
It should start bubbling within 24 hours.
Stir and mash about a couple of times a day
After 5 days strain off, use a coarse straining bag that you can buy off us. Or, improvise if you must with muslin
or the net curtains.
Put into a clean demi john and fill to  the shoulders with cold water.Fit an airlock and leave to ferment out at room temperature. 
This may take a few days or a couple of weeks depending on the temperature.
When the bubbles stop coming through the airlock, or slow down to about one every 2 minutes test the wine.
 You can use a hydrometer or just taste it, if you like the taste go on to the next step. If you think it's too sweet, hard luck because we warned you before you started! If too dry you could add more sugar and go for even more alcohol. Just add 50grams of sugar at a time until it really stops fermenting. But you won't usually get much more in!
Add 1 campden tablet and potassium sorbate.
Leave to clear.
When clear, syphon into a clean demi john or bottle.
If it's too dry you can sweeten with sugar but keep a check that it doesn't start fermenting again. Leave it a couple of
 weeks then add a campden before bottling.