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Greengage Wine

Another cheat! We use the recipe for plum as it's the same recipe. Some recipes suggest using minced barley but all it does is give the wine a sort of sherry taste. It's not needed! IF you add the grape concentrate it adds the body and flavour but tastes nice as well

Greengage Wine

To Make one gallon

4lb Greengages

250 ml white grape concentrate(we used red in the plum so it is a bit different!)
1.5kg sugar
1 tsp citric acid
1 tsp pectolase
Yeast  nutrient
Yeast for a white wine
Tannin, 1tsp or as directed on packet

These fruits don't have much  flavour  but
  don't boil or soak them too long or they can release too much pectin and the wine will be cloudy.
Pour 2 pints boiling water over the fruit and leave overnight.
Next day add 4 pints cold water, and everything else.
Leave 24 hours and strain off. Do not squeeze too much!
Pour into a demi john  add another 1/2 teaspoon of pectolase--
Leave until it stops frothing(about 2 days) and fill up with cold water to the shoulder of the demi john.
Ferment out as normal, when it stops fermenting( bubbles stop) syphon off into a clean dem-john  and add a campden tablet and a potassium sorbate tablet.
Leave about a month if it doesn't clear, add finings and another campden tablet.
Bottle when clear-