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Dont know as its worth messing about with this one, I suppose if you get the passion fruit cheap enough it's wortha shot!

Passion Fruit Wine
One gallon /Six bottles
Everyone makes a point of saying that it's named for the Passion of Christ-From Passion Flowers
Why spoil a good thing? It's a powerfully passionate wine and works well for me!
2kg Passion Fruit
250 ml grape conc
1 kg sugar
1 tspPectolase
Yeast Gervin No3 or all purpose
1 tsp citric acid or acid blend
Yeast Nutrient

Chop the fruit  into quarters   trying to keep the juice that runs all over the place.
It might be best to cut it into a bowl
Sort of squash the fruit off the skins using your thumbnail-it's a bit messy!
I've not used the skins when I make the wine but other recipes seem to include them.
They don't taste very nice so I don't see the point of putting them in!
I don't like the seeds when I eat the fruit, it's like eating ball bearings but they seem all right in the wine!
Throw it into a bucket and pour on two pints of hot water
Next day, add rest of ingredients  and 4 pints cold water.
Next day add another teaspoon of pectolase.
Ferment for three days altogether in a bucket and strain off into a demijohn.
Use a straining bag or musilin, don't go mad let it drip rather than squeezing
it or you get too much fine pulp coming through.
You may have to strain it into another bucket or a big pan first
Top up to the shoulders of the demijohn with cold water and ferment out as normal.
When it stops fermenting add a campden tablet and a stabiliser  tablet.
If it doesn't clear in a couple of weeks add finings, I prefer kwik cleer.
It's a bit odd tasting at first and quite astringent but does improve!