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Rumpot, rumtopf -both the same, rum sugar and a whole lot of fun!

Rumpot Rumtopf Recipe
Washed and dried fruit. light amber rum, granulated sugar.
For each 500gram of fruit add 250 gram of sugar. Sprinkle sugar over the fruit and leave for about half an hour.
Then place in Rumpot
Cover the fruit with rum. Any rum is ok, best type is the light brown rums. Cover the fruit with about an inch of rum. Top up with rum every time you add more fruit.
Make sure the fruit is always covered by rum!
To avoid loss of the rum by evaporation its best to cover the top of the pot with cellophane. Stir as little as possible but make sure the sugar is all stirred in. leave about  3 months.

On an interesting side note a good source of cheap alcohol is the table top still, perfect in countries where the use is legal

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How to prepare the fruit!

Wash the fruit and allow to dry.
The easiest way is to think about how they tin fruit. If they leave it whole in the tin it goes in the rumpot whole. If they cube it or leave in rings put it in the rum pot that way!
If they don't tin it it's probably no good for the rum pot either.
Stones and pips-the same applies. If they take the stone or pip out in tinned fruit do it for the rum pot!
eg - Peaches - take the stone out, Rasperries leave the pips in.

Some general hints
Really seedy fruit is not so good in the rumpot! Black and redcurrants are particlarly bad.
The fruit does all go one colour and look a bit splodgy, thats the rumpot way, enjoy it!
The fruit can be eaten as is or with cream, ice cream , custard, yoghurt etc.
The juice makes a gorgeous liquer, don't worry about the bits! They don't do any harm
If the rumpot tastes too strong there was probably not enough sugar in it, you ate it too soon or all the sugar is stuck to the bottom and wants stirring in.
Enjoy your rumpot!!
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