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Marrow Rum-Treacly brown and old fashioned but a bit of fun!



This used to considered a joke but it does work and it's fun
Scoop the inside out of a big marrow.
Fill with brown sugar
Hang up in a net or bag.
After a couple of days the sugar turns to liquid, traditionally you pierce the bottom of the marrow and let the juice run out.
I prefer just to tip it out!
As a guide, there should be about 3 pints of liquid per pound/500g of sugar. If not enough just add water to get it right!
Put it into a demi john add juice of a lemon and a wine  yeast.
Ferment out as normal.
You might only get half a gallon of rum.
Don't blame me if you can't drink what you make!!
It doesn't taste like rum , some people quite like it!!
Don't keep it too long, it may be a bit cloudy!