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There's always loads of dandelions, they take a bit of picking and getting the petals off is even worse...Worth the effort though! My lawn is full of them if you want to pop over and help yourself...

1 Litre of Petals
1. kg Sugar
250grm grape concentrate
1tsp Yeast Nutrient
1tsp Acid Blend or citric acid
Gervin N0 3 or all purpose yeast.
Strip most of the petals off the heads, a few bits don't matter,and pour 2 pints boiling water over them.
Leave overnight and add the rest of the ingredients and 4 pints cold water
Leave 2 days and strain into a demi-john.
Top up to one gall with cold water and leave to ferment out as normal
After about two weeks all the bubbling will have stopped, syphon into a clean demi john and add:
one campden tablet and 1 potassium sorbate tablet.
 I usually add Kwik Cleer  finings at this point.
It's better to taste the wine before you add the campden tablet, if it's too sweet leave it a bit longer, if it's too dry{sour} you can always sweeten it later.
The Northern name for dandelions is 'wet-the beds' -   Brewing Supplies  wish to point out that they can accept no responsibilty for any unwanted after effects from drinking this wine!
Drink when clear!