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Well it's not brandy! This recipe came from Cumberland though!

My Great Grandmother used to make this one - it's from her recipe book. She lived in Lowick in
the Lake District.
To make one gallon of wine

2lb Wheat
1lb Raisins (chopped)
3lb Soft brown sugar
1 tablespoon honey
high alcohol yeast
The original recipe called for floating bits of toast on the wine with some bread yeast on it
Use the original if you want but I've substituted a high alcohol yeast !
There's also the white of an egg in the original, this was used as a fining agent, it's much simpler
to use Kwik Kleer finings!

Put the wheat. chopped raisins and sugar in a bucket and pour over two pints of boiling water.
Add 5 pints of cold water and leave to stand overnight,
Float a piece of well done toast smeared with bread yeast on the top of the wine-or use a Gervin high alcohol yeast!
Ferment in the bucket a week, stir daily and mash up any raisins that float up to the top.
Strain into a demi john , add the honey and make up to a gallon with cold water.
Ferment out until the bubbles stop.
They now added the egg whites! It's much easier to add the Kwik Kleer finings and a campden tablet.
Leave until clear then bottle.
The original instructions call for the bottles to corked and sealed with wax, dripped from a candle onto the top of the cork
then left for 12 months.
It's up to you which method you use, personally I'd add a teaspoon of acid blend as well, it will make it more like a modern wine.
I suppose you should try it without! It's got an unusual flavour and if you imagine a bit it does taste sort of brandy -ish.