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CIder is easy to make, which is why it's been around so long.

You can freeze the apples and when they defrost you can squeeze the juice out by hand, it makes your fingers cold though!

Pick nice fresh apples, no bruised or damaged ones.
Crush them, use a hammer, a commercial crusher(we sell them) or a pulpmaster( 24.95 from stock at time of writing). The pulpmaster is a blade that you attach to an electric drill, it's a bit Heath Robinson but works well.
Then press the apples to get the juice out--you'll need a lot of muscle or a press off us(between 60 to 300 pounds depending on size or you'll have to make one. We do hire a small press for £5.00 a week, £50.00 deposit.
Then add yeast and ferment out as you would beer. Leave about a week and then syphon into bottles or a plastic beer barrel. You can use plastic beer bottles. Add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar per pint of cider and leave for about a month and drink carefully.