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It's one of those wines that you have to try... Carrot wine?

Wine from carrots?, well, yes!

We keep getting asked for this. It does work but isn't a real whiskey of course! It tastes like, well,  you'll have  to make it yourself!

2Kg Carrots
1Kg wheat
2 Kg sugar
1tsp acid blend/citric acid
High alcohol yeast
Yeast Nutrient
 Wash and scrub carrots, boil in water for about 20 mins.
Strain off water and put the water in a bucket.
Dissolve sugar in hot water.
Make up to a gall with cold water and when cool to  25c add rest of ingredients.
Ferment in the bucket for 4 days.
Strain off into demi john fit airlock and leave to ferment out. This may take ages.
When it stops bubbling add a campden and   pot. sorbate and leave to clear.
Bottle when clear and try to leave for 12 months before drinkin

Another free recipe from www.thebrewshop.com