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I've never fancied this one, a coupl eof the customers in theshop have made it though and they say it's ok.

Just throw the bean pods away, use only the beans

We've never made this one either, but it sounds interesting!
Broad beans, shelled 2 Kg
1.5 Kg sugar
250 ml grape conc.
1 tsp acid blend
Boil the beans for one hour in a large pan, strain off and dissolve the sugar in the hot liquor.
when cool add rest of ingredients
Put into a clean demi john and fill to  the shoulders with cold water. Fit an airlock and leave to ferment out at room temperature. 
This may take a few days or a couple of weeks depending on the temperature.
When the bubbles stop coming through the airlock, or slow down to about one every 2 minutes test the wine.
Either use a hydrometer or taste it. If it's too sweet leave it longer.
If it's dry(sour taste) or just right, syphon off into a clean demi john.
Add 1 campden tablet and potassium sorbate.
This wine is best sweet.
Leave to clear.
When clear, syphon into a clean demi john or bottle.
If it's too dry you can sweeten with sugar but keep a check that it doesn't start fermenting again. Leave it a couple of
 weeks then add a campden before bottling.