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We love blackberry wine. It's always successful and tastes great!. It's worth a few scratches to get the best blackberries! There's plenty on the common at the back of my house so we never go short!

2kg Blackberries
1 kg sugar
Gervin Varietal A Yeast (or a good red wine yeast)
250 ml red grape concentrate or about 300g elderberries
Pectolase-as directed on container
 1 tsp yeast nutrient
1tsp of citric acid
Tannin-Leave out if adding elderberries!

Pour 2 pint boiling water over the blackberrys(and elderberries if you use them.) and add sugar.
leave overnight
Make up to 7 pints with cold water and add rest of ingredients
Leave 48 hours- it should froth and bubble,  give it a bit of stir when you pass it.
Strain off into a clean demi john and fit airlock.
When the frothing dies down a bit top up to the shoulders of the demi john with cold water
Leave to ferment out until bubbles stop.
Syphon off and add a campden tablet and potassium sorbate.
Leave to clear and bottle when clear.
Sweeten if required but does taste very good as a dry wine.

I never wash the blackberries, I've eaten hundreds straight off the bramble so why wash them. Just don't pick them off the side of the road where they're full of horrible things.
It's good to add a few elderberries, if you add a lot leave out the tannin.
Blackberries don't keep too well, make the wine the day you pick them. If you leave them they start
to go mouldy and things crawl out of them!
It's also good with a couple of pounds of apples instead of the grape concentrate, just chop them up and add them in the bucket.
I've made a lot of blackberry wine and it's always good, blackberry pie is also a winner!
If you have any pie left and need help to eat it just mail me!

For those who get hot under the collar about spelling and mail me about spelling misteaks, yes I know blackberries is spilt rong. Ha!
Did you mail me before you read this?!
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