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This is one of those wines everyone talks about. It's very interesting to make and it tastes ok. It just requires a bit of effort and the timing to tap the trees is critical!

4.0 Litres birch sap
1 tsp citric acid
250 ml grape conc.
1kg sugar

First find a birch tree!
Get some 5/8th or 16mm plastic tubing, B and Q have it. You'll need a couple of foot.
Drill a 5/8th hole in the tree trunk. You need to get just below the bark and drill upwards so the sap runs better down the tube. It's important that you don't go too deep. Just under the bark is right. In the soft woody bit.
The plastic tube should be a snug fit in the hole, make sure by practicing on a bit of old wood before you set to work on the tree.
Run the tube into a plastic 5 litre container, sealed with a plastic bag or cork to keep flies etc out.
It won't take long to get enough sap, you need to pick the days when the sap is rising in March. It may take a couple of days or a couple of hours so keep an eye on it.
When you've got enough sap put it into a clean sterilised demi-john. Add rest of ingredients and ferment out as normal.
Don't forget to plug the hole in the tree afterwards!

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