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Beetroot Wine --One Gallon

If you've got an allotment you'll have loads of these!

The books all say it tastes earthy, it doesn't! Some one must have boiled the beetroots without washing them if you boil earthy beetroots you're going to get earthy wine! Just make sure you give them a good scrub! Cut off all the green stems and leaves, you just want the beetroot itself

Beetroot Wine
It's a while since I made this and I remember the beetroot was very hard.
Some recipes say to slice the beetroot and then boil. Ha! What with? It's rock hard!
I suggest you boil it for an hour and then chop it up a bit.
Or, roast it! then, when cool you can peel it easy and chop it up and boil for about 20 mins.
Roasted beets taste delicious as well!, Try them with sour cream. If you eat too many it makes your wee go red though.

One Gallon

2 Kg Beetroot-Chopped and boiled!--Or roasted !
1 Kg sugar
1 tsp citric acid/ acid blend
1 tsp pectolase
Red wine yeast
Yeast Nutrient- 1 tsp
Tannin- 1/2 tsp or as instructed on packet

OK!  Do what you will with the beets. I think the flavour is more intense if you go the roast method but you have to watch you don't caramelise the sugars!
When cool, strain off the beets into a demi john with airlock. Just use the liquid, not the beets.
Add rest of ingredients and top up to about 7 pints.
It froths like mad for a few days, once this stops top up to the full gallon.
Leave to ferment out in a warm place.
When all bubbles stop add a campden tablet and a potassium sorbate/wine stabiliser tablet.
You can add finings as it clears a lot quicker or just leave it.
The books say that the colour can go brown, mine never did but perhaps I drank it too quickly.
If you're worried put a cardboard tube around the demi john to keep out the light and preserve the intense colours!

The colour does drop out a lot though!

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