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Barley wine made from barley grain. This is not the stuff that they sell in the shops. Commercial barley wine is made from malt and hops and is drunk like a beer. This is made from un-malted barley grain and is more like a sherry! They used to call it poor man's brandy!

The picture is whole barley-we sell it on the flowers and grain page, you could use pearl barley from the supermarket but it can end up a bit cloudy

To make one Gallon of Barley Wine

1/2 kg Barley-Whole barley grain! Or they used to use pearl barley from the supermarket...
1/2kg Raisins
2 lemons
1.5kg sugar
High alcohol yeast
Yeast nutrient

Pour two  pints of boiling water over the barley and  chopped raisins and
 leave overnight .
Use a good clean food grade bucket and cover with a cloth or rest the lid on.
Add the juice and zest of the lemons but not the pith.
Add the rest of the ingredients and a further 5 pints of water and stir well.
Leave 4 days and stir daily.

It will form a thick crust, stir this back in the wine and pop any raisins that you missed when you chopped them!
Strain off into a demi john top up to 8 pints and leave to ferment out.

It can take a while, about 4 to six weeks is normal but sometimes longer!
When all the bubbles stop, syphon off into a demi john and add a campden tablet and potassium sorbate.
Best left for 12 months to mature

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