Rotating Sparge Arm

The one we've all been waiting for!! A rotating sparge arm!

In stainless too For Mash tun/lauter tun from 26 to 38 Cm

Length of the white plastic piece is 40 cm and as it has to fit on top of your bucket your bucket can't be bigger than that!

Rotating stainless sparging arm. It spins slowly allowing a nice slow sparge.

You can see how it works  in the photo! Liquor in via the pipe on top, the two arms of the T Piece have holes drilled in them, they're drilled very cleverly so that the arm spins round like a slow propellor as the liquor comes out!

Height is adjustable by a rubber grommet on the top.

It says it's suitable for a round mash tun  but we have used it a square one and it worked ok. Perhaps you don't wash the corners of the mash tun but you don't miss much-It doesn't fit the std brupaks insulated mash tun but works on the  de luxe