Super Automatic Bottle Filler

Automatic bottle filler , made by buonvino. Fills most bottles and most amounts, for beer , wine or cider!

Fills bottles fast and cleanly, its a good piece of kit for the small micro!

We had a good long play with this gadget and we like it! It's a nice piece of kit.

It fills most bottle sizes , beer, wine cider and half bottles and will cope with as many bottles as you want to fill!

The syphon tube  is the bit sticking out the side-it has a bendy piece of wire in it so you can shape it to hook over the side of the bucket which is a great idea, the bottom of the syphon stays where you want it! Right at the bottom of the container and doesn't waggle about disturbing the sediment. Also you can bend the wire to suit any size of bucket which is great!

The auto syphon bit turns off the flow of liquid when the  bottle is full! There's magic elves in the bit shaped like a flying saucer, they sense when the  bottle is full and turn it off!

 There's an adjusting screw to make it work faster or slower

The rubber sleeve that fits in the  neck of the bottle is adjustable so you can control the depth the  bottle is filled. You need to warm the rubber a bit with hot water to get it to move easily though!

The small pipe coming out the top is the air out as the  bottle fills, it also acts as an overflow and a bit of wine can come out of it so it should be put into another bottle just to catch the drips. It also acts as a breathing tube for the magic Elves that make the flying saucer bit work...

It's a bit of a fiddle to set it up but its easy enough. Once it's right its a doddle.

 To start it you suck the small tube coming out of the neck of the flying saucer so you're not sucking bits that the wine goes through which is essential in a microbrewery set up.