Turbo Cider Easy juice recipe

It's easy and fun, it's a rough farmhouse cider and it's a bit variable but, hey! it's fun!

We 've got to warn you that it's like rough farmhouse cider and can be a bit dry! That's a kind of sour taste but it's ok if you add a drop of lemonade. When I used to go drinking in Taunton in my very misspent youth they used to add lime to the cider!

Turbo Cider

3 Litres Apple Juice from Tesco or any Supermarket

A packet of yeast--Muntons Standard, a champagne yeast or even baking yeast will do! About a level teaspoon.

Tip it all into a demijohn and add an airlock and bung.Or, if you haven't got one then one of those plastic one gallon water bottles will do. Just put a bit of kitchen towel in the neck.

Shake it well and leave for about a week--Watch out because it can bubble right over the neck and go everywhere!

Bottle it up into plastic bottles that have held any kind of fizzy drink and add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar per pint

Leave till the bottles go hard, It takes about a week. Chill it and drink , then chill....

Try mixing a litre of grape juice in at the start and making 4 litres or adding 8oz honey!

Lots of things you can try, any juice will ferment but you should try the ones that have a short date code, the ones that have date codes for about 2 years have too much preservative to ferment well!