Eschenfelder Malt Mill

Special offer!!!

It's a very nicely made malt crusher. The hooper takes about 3kg and it's fast and easy to use. Simple screw adjustment for crush style, hopper comes off easily with two wing nuts.

The engine room is made of thick perspex so you see the malt going through, the handle is nice and easy to use.

A very well thought out machine. Eschenfelder make some excellent coffee and muesli machines so they have expertise in the field. We 're very happy with it, it's probably the best we've seen and a very good malt mill.

A very well designed malt mill, Eschenfelder make some great coffee mills and grain grinders and the experience shows. Everything is made to a proven design , well tested and enjoyed by lots of happy customers. We think it's the best grain mill we've seen.

Can easily be motorised with the adaptor that's supplied, it just fits in the chuck of a normal domestic electric drill.

Click on the picture for a close up of the workings!