Cornelius Keg System Beginners Kit

A complete beginners kit with gas and beer dispense tap

A full system for the cornelius. All you need to get started! Just add beer!

A cornie keg system !

One stainless steel reconditioned cornelius keg 19 litre

One CO2 charger with one threaded  16 g bulb

One pack of 5 spare 16g Co bulbs-

One Flexi tap complete with disconnect

One Quick disconnect gas in

A complete beginners kit The co2 gas bulbs are 16g and you need about three to empty the barrel completely from full. It may be more or less depending on how quick you drink the beer. The beer will absorb some of the gas and in cold weather it will absorb more. On hot days the beer is more lively so less gas is needed. Its a bit like cans of fizzy drink, if they're warm they fizz out all over the place. The co 2 bulbs are one use and you throw them away after use.