Wheat Beer 40 Pints Easy Kit Beer Recipe

This is easy-- it's so easy it's criminal. It also tastes really authentic.


Get a wheat beer kit-- Black Rock and Muntons do nice ones! Ok, easy follow the recipe but add

1 oz/25 grams Curacao Orange Peel

1/2 oz/25 g Coriander seed

Coriander seed and peel are on the dried flowers/fruit page!

Put the seeds and peel in a big jug and pour over a couple pints boiling water, leave half an hour and tip into the beer when you add the yeast. It gives that Belgian Wit Bier flavour.

Another  good dodge is to use spray dried malted wheat instead of sugar, it really lifts the wheaty flavour ! I

You can go one step further by replacing the yeast in the kit with a Safbrew wheat beer yeast!