The Engine Room!

HLT The Hot Liquor Tank or Boiler.. Does both jobs,

It's a 50 litre beer barrel salvaged from the tip. .


The top has been sawn open. You don't need a lid, it's ok with an open rolling boil.


50 litres is an ideal size for a five gallon brew.

There's two holes cut near the bottom to take the kettle elements, you can see the bits you plug into poking out! Two makes for a faster boil time although one would do the job.

The tap is from  B and Q, it's a central heating fitting and comes with a nut on the back.

The thermometer, the bit with the cows on! It's useful but not essential. John has found one with a screw thread and bolted it in. It gives an easy indication of mashing temp. etc for little money.

The tube up the front is a sight gauge, it was easy to make and I'll try and get more info on how he made it!

I'd point out that taking beer barrels from the back of a pub is theft.