Prohibition Liqueur and Base Kits

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There seems to be a bit of a revival in these, They were part of the big fashion for homebrew  liqueur kits in the 90's!

The prohibition kits are still around because they were the most reliable.

They are made by Ritchie products , delivery will usually be a week as we don't keep much stock

Most people now make the Vinland base spirit kit and add the prestige essences

Delivery is usually a week.


Cherry Brandy Prohibition 6 Bottle Liqueur

NIce ripe black cherries and alcohol! The perfect combination!

Always popular as a home made liqueur and the best seller in the range!

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Coffee Rum Prohibition 6 Bottle Liqueur

You either like this or you don't. It's a Tia Maria clone. We asked Katy what she thought about it and she said it didn't taste like Malibu....Don't know why we even asked.
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Coconut Rum Prohibition 6 Bottle Liqueur

Guess what!!! This one does taste like Malibu! It doesn't taste like Tia Maria though, we didn't need to ask Katy to know that.
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Northern Mist Prohibition 6 Bottle Liqueur

A sort of Drambuidh drink, we do sell it but I'm not convinced!
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Apricot Brandy Prohibition 6 Bottle Liqueur

Another favourite, these lusciuos fruits make the best liqueurs. Everyone loves apricot liqueur!
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Whiskey Flavoured Prohibition 6 Bottle Spirit Kit

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Gin Prohibition 6 Bottle Spirit Kit

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Sloe Gin 6 Bottle Kit

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