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Fresh from the fruit garden!

Dried Fruits Herbs and Flowers and Liquorice

Just to make life easy for you! Check the  recipes page for how to use these- Or mail us and we'll post up a recipe!

Dried fruit and berries. Lots of different types of home made wine can be made from these.

Try adding some dried fruit to your kit wines for a better homebrew wine! You'll need to add a teaspoon

of pectolase to prevent cloudiness!

About 50 grams of Elderflowers adds a nice bouquet to a five gallon wine kit- Just add them to the wine when you add the yeast

Some of these are also used in speciality beers, such as Hoegarten, and the spiced wheat beers. They can improve your  home brewing kit!


Country , Flower and Fruit wine kits!!

We've got lots of kits to make home made fruit and flower wines.

They make six bottles and are complete with yeast, finings and stabiliser.

Easy and fun to make!

Dried Elderberries in 500g

Dried elderberries. The picture is the fresh ones! They used to be the staple of home wine making. They are very good for producing full bodied red wines. Use about 250 gr per gallon/6 bottles if used on their own.


Dried Elder flowers in 50g

Dried Elder flowers- make a gorgeous white wine. Or you can add to a wine kit for a bit of bouquet. I'd use about a small table spoon per gallon- Use the full 50g if you're after an elderflower wine!

Dried Elderflowers in 500g

Big bag of Elder flowers for wine or beer making. Use between 25 to 55g of Elder flowers per 25 Litre of beer.

Winemakers usually use 25 to 5 5g per 4.5 litres of wine.

Dried Juniper Berries 100g

They use them to make gin, if you didn't know!

You can make a juniper berry wine, or add them to the sauce for your venison steak.


Dried Rose Petals 50g

The dried petals of roses! They smell gorgeous. They make a nice delicate wine, use the full 50g for a gallon and go easy on the alcohol.

Dried Rosehips in 500g

The whole dried rosehip. The same as they used to make rosehip syrup out of.

Taste like a sort of sherry when the wine is made, not unpleasant!

Sweet Orange Peel 50 G

Used in some exotic beer recipes, wheat beer and anything where you want to add some extra flavour. Use about 12 g in the  last 5 min of the boil for a light flavour

Dried Coriander Seed for Beer making 100g

Dried seed of the coriander plant, these are the ones for making the exotic Belgian Wheat beers. You crush them lightly, use about 25g for 25 litres beer

Mulled Red Wine/Gluwein Sachets

If you look at the free wine making recipes there's instructions on how to make your own using spice you can buy very cheaply in the  supermarket

Dried Sloes 500g

Dried Sloes. You can use these for sloe wine or for sloe gin.

Dried Lemon Peel 500g

Dried Lemon peel in 500g .