Dried Fruit Wine Kits

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Thirsty? We'll fly these out to you where ever you are!

Popular in 'dry' countries! We will pack these in plain boxes and remove all labels if required.

Please ask if you want them "de badged"- Just put " Pack for dry country in the comments box when you fill in the order form.

We'll know what you mean!!

There's a  downloadable set of instructions here for those who want the plain boxes!

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These kits are made from dried fruit so they contain only a small amount of liquid. If you're dry and need some good homebrew wine then these are the kits for you.

Our sister company Heaviley Baking Supplies will supply a set of nice cake instructions as well- just don't try to make the cake! 

You could also try www.camelcakes.co.uk they're very good with special cakes!