Carafe 21 Wine Kits White and Red

These are 5 gall/30 bottle wine kits. Tesco and the big supermarkets have been selling these. They are a popular kit but do produce a pleasant wine

There's only red and white in the Carafe 21 range which limits your options somewhat! Makes it nice and easy for us to stock the  full range though

Carafe 21 is still a good seller for us! It's got a nice new box as well!


Carafe 21 Classic Full Red Wine 30 Bottle

Carafe 21 three week home wine kit makes 30 bottles of red wine.

Requires 3 kg of sugar

Carafe 21 Medium Dry White Wine 30 Bottle

Carafe 21 Thirty bottle/ Five gallons home brew wine kit 

Requires 3 kg of sugar