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What a range! Brewferm imported beers

Brewferm Belgian Beer kIts

What a range! They are copies of the finest European beers and strong beers!

I'll to suggest what they taste like, you may have to guess a bit!

They are best bottled and kept for a bit but are so good on draught that it's difficult to keep your hands off them

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Pils Brewferm 12/20 pints

Blonde full bodied and very tasty.

4.5%- A very tradtional pils!

Brewferm Gallia 12 Litres

With oat flakes and herbs for a true taste of the finest Belgian Beers.


Not sure what this one is, if you know mail us!

Brewferm Diablo 9 Litres

Ha! Diablo or the Devil! Known as Duvel of course.

9 litres at 7% - Go easy! 

The red side of gold in colour and best drunk in a small glass

Brewferm Abdij 9 Litres

To make 9 litres at 8% og 1070

Hmmm, it's got a monk on it, guess what? It's a trappist beer!

At 8% I'd say it's along the lines of a triple. 

Brewferm Framboos 12 Litres

5.5% Raspberry beer

Full flavoured and with a bouquet and taste of raspberries.

You either like it or you don't, and we love it!

Kriek -12 Litres Cherry Beer

To make 12 litres, it's very close to the commercial Kriek , or cherry beer.

It's gone up a lot in price, it's still popular though!

Again, we love it!

Ambiorix Brewferm Kit -15 litres

15 litres at 6.5%

Darkish beer with a slightly sour taste, the Belgian Ambiorix Dubbel is 8% so this one is lower in alcohol at 6.5%.

Brewferm Triple 9 litres

Triple what? Well it's 9% ABV so it's triple strength.

og 1075 with herbs to give that unique Belgian flavour.

In the UK we'd call it a Barley Wine, the herbs balance out the sweetness.

It's called a triple because they use three times the barley to get the strength! Easy!

Brewferm Wheat Beer (Tarwebier)

5% ABv 1052 OG

A wheat beer! Nice traditional style wheat beer, with the addition of a few herbs and oat flakes.

Tastes very like the commercial beer!

Brewferm Oud Vlaams Bruin 12 Litres

OG 1060  6%

In the style of a brown ale, there's a few beers with bears on them!

I like the Norwegian one and there's a couple of American ones- but those ones are usually blonde beers

This one is the Belgian one, there's only one Belgian one with a brown bear on it!

Brewferm Gold 12 Litres

Blonde full bodied Belgian pilsner style beer

og 1053  5.5% ABV

Brewferm Grand Cru 9 Litres

og 1075 8% ABV

There's a few grand cru beers, usually used to denote the finest beer a brewery produces, well if not the finest, often the strongest!

Excellent beer with a slight herby bouquet.

Brewferm Christmas 7 Litres

A beer especially for Xmas! Best brewed anytime of the year really and drunk anytime as well.

In fact a little bit of Christmas in the summer is nice!

A darkish beer, bordering on a barley wine.

og 1065 7.5 %