Looks like she might be making Watneys Red Barrel

Free Beermaking Recipes

We hope you enjoy our free home brew beer recipes! They're more fun than a kit- None of them are hard and some are so simple they're worth a go! Only rule here is that you at least think about  buying some of the stuff off us! 


O.k. people  these are all easy recipes!

There's a bit of mashing on some but most are just boiling and straining.

You'll just need a big pan or a boiler and a bit of enthusiasm!

You can get by with a pressure cooker as a big pan but if it boils over it don't half make a mess of the stove.

We've put the four basic homebrew beer recipes first , after that they get exotic and we've  made them all.

If you make one and want to comment mail us and we'll add your comments! If you have an exotic recipe you'd like to add then mail us that as well!


Swinging Gibbet 40 pints strong pale bitter 6.5% MAlt Extract Recipe

The ingredients for making Swinging Gibbet. The  recipe is >> here<<

Jaguar Brown Ale 40 pjnts- Full Mash Recipe

Jaguar Brown Ale

A clone of the famous Stockport Clarkes Brewery Beer

A couple of the Stockport old timers have tried it and say it tastes like they remember it!

5 Gallon/40 Pint Underbank Ale 40 Pints MAlt Extract Recipe

5 Gallons Underbank Ale  www.thebrewshop.com    0161 480 4880

A creamy light copper coloured beer at 1040






40 Pints/5 Gall Extra Blonde Bitter Easy Malt Extract Brew

A nicely pale  extra bitter beer with those gorgeous citrus flavours!  og 1038

5 Gallon/40 Pint German Sinkenquicken Style Beer OG 1039 Easy Malt Extract Brew

5 Gallons German Sinkenquicken Ale  www.thebrewshop.com    0161 480 4880



5 Gall/40 Pint Dark Mild- Easy Malt Extract beer

5 Gallons English Dark Mild  www.thebrewshop.com    0161 480 4880






Swinging Gibbet - 40 Pints 6.5% Malt Extract Recipe

Stockport had a gibbet which was situated opposite our home brew shop! We're not sure we should be celebrating such a thing but we are and here it is. Our very own Swinging Gibbet- A pale bitter at 6.5%

Honey Beer 40 Pints - Easy Uses a Beer Kit!

Get any beer kit and add 1 kg of honey instead of sugar.



40 Pints Fire Eater Chili Beer

I've never made and never intend to. It;s hot!

New Key Brown 40 Pints Easy Malt Extract Beer

New Key Brown 40 Pints

Make a 40 pint beer kit more bitter

This is easy!!

Add More Body to a 40 Pint Beer Kit

Most kits require the addition of a kg of sugar.


Cherry Beer 40 pint Easy Kit Beer

This one is dead easy

Ginger Beer

Ok ! How to make your ginger beer or a kit to do it the easy way!

<<<<<Click on the Ginger Lady to the Left!!

Wheat Beer 40 Pints Easy Kit Beer Recipe

This is easy-- it's so easy it's criminal. It also tastes really authentic.


Turbo Cider Easy juice recipe

It's easy and fun, it's a rough farmhouse cider and it's a bit variable but, hey! it's fun!

Dublin Dark 40 pints Stout Malt extract Recipe

40 Pints of the Good stuff!

Banana Beer - Uses a kit- easy to make

A recipe given to us by Chris Forrest-- Thank you!


Pear and Apple Cider The Easy Way 40 Pints 8%

Makes 40 Pints of really good flavoured cider

A bit of a cheat but it does work really well

It can end up cloudy but farmhouse cider often is!

JIms Luger Lager 40 Pints 4.5% Easy Malt Extract Recipe

Me Dad's recipe for an "old skool" lager type beer

Nelsons Fright IPA 40 Pints Easy MAlt Extract Recipe

Well bittered and medium pale, about 5.5 % with a good body and a very clean palate

Nelsons Fright Full Mash IPA 40 Pint

Uses Nelson Sauvin hops, a sort of a grapey taste, full bodied and easy to drink! Extra bitter!


Avenging Angel Ale 40 Pints 7.1% Easy Malt Extract Recipe

Fourty pints of Avenging Angel, 7.1% go carefully out there...

StockportRuby Ale 40 Pints Easy Malt Extract Recipe

A nice ruby ale along the lines of Old Speckled Hen

Bromeliaceae, Pineapple SPPA- Easy Malt Extract and Fruit Recipe

Pineapple South Pacific Pale Ale

Bonfire Night Smoked Ale 40 Pints Partial Mash/Steep Recipe

A smoked beer with a definite smoky taste,

Mad March Hare ALe 40 Pints at 7.5%- Easy Malt Extract Brew

40 Pints of Madness

Sour Cherry Beer 8 Pints 11%

A nicely sour cherry beer,tastes like one of those Lambic sour beers.

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