Muntons 40 pint 1.5 kg Beer Kits

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Muntons 1.5 kg range

The 1.5 kg range from Muntons, these are a bit old fashioned.

Unless you want a light beer the 1.8 kg kits from other manufacturers are better value.

The barley wine is worth a try though

Sales of most  of the 1.5kg kits have dropped in the specialist shops, they continue to be popular when the price is the biggest factor!

The mild has a bit of following!

Muntons Bitter Beer 1.5kg

Entry level beer from Muntons, 40 pints of best bitter! Fairly standard bitter, if you prefer the lighter bodied bitters but still want the quality it may be just what you are looking for.

Bitters and Ales
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Muntons Barley Wine 24 Pints 1.5kg

We think it's the best in this range, makes 24 pints

Best drunk room temperature, it's got an og of 1065 so it's strong stuff! Locally the best Barley Wine is Old Tom and it's dangerous in pints.

THis ones very nice indeed, sweet and intensely flavoured.

Belgian, Trappist, Barley Wines and Strong Beers
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Muntons 40 Pint 1.5 Kg Lager

We're all a bit old at thebrewshop, more Saga Louts than Lager Louts, we do enjoy the Amber Nectar though.  Light bodied , pale and more Northern European in taste than the near continent.

Lager, Cervesa, Blondes and Bocks
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Muntons 40 Pint 1.5 Kg Mild Ale

Mild! Don't you just love it!  Well some people do and it's hard to get a good one. This one has a following and like those MIdland Milds I remember from Birmingham in the 80s.
Mild Beers
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Muntons 1.5kg Scottish Highland Heavy

When you go further North than Stockport, about 250 miles further North, they start to call bitter by the name of heavy. Och, a pint o' heavy Jimmy!! It's a full bodied bitter beer, usually a bit darker than the English counterpart although in the last few years I've noticed that Scottish beers have gone a bit lighter.

Bitters and Ales
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Muntons 40 Pint Irish Stout 1.5 kg

This is a lovely dark ale with a nice bitterness. It's got a bit of sweetness, Muntons aimed it at the Irish Porter market--(Yes Guiness!) We think its a bit sweeter more like an old fashioned Porter. Still very much the Irish style though!
Stout and Guinness
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