Bentonite 100grm

Used to aid the clearing of cloudy wines. A naturally occurring clay. As It swells up in water it absorbs proteins in the wine, dragging them down to the bottom, thus helping clearing. Best used at the start of fermentation.
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Calcium Sulphate Gypsum

A brewing additive to compensate water deficiencies for beers. Also a perfect aid in Sherry fermentation. Common name for calcium sulphate.

Citric Acid

Used as a substitute for natural citrus and aids to promote a healthy ferment and also has good antiseptic properties.

Sodium Metabisulphite

Sodium Metabisulphite

Precipitated Chalk

Used to reduce acidity in wines. Causes a foam as gas is given up by the chalk as it neutralizes some of the acid.

Fermentation Stopper ( Wine Stabiliser ) 30grm

Also known as Potassium Sorbate. Added to a wine to stop the fermentation and prevent a re-fermentation after bottling.
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Wine Sweetner

An artificial sweetener used to sweeten dry wines once finished without the danger of re-starting fermentation.

Campden Tablets

Used at the end of fermentation to prevent oxidation and bacterial contamination during bottling and syphoning. Can also be used as a sterilising solution. Used as a preservative or for sterilising ingredients before use.

Wine Tannin 50grm

Used to add zest and help preserve wine. Tanning's are present in grapes and are responsible for flavour (especially in red wine) extra tannin is often needed in non-grape wines.
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Tartaric Acid

The main acid present in ripe grapes. Plays a vital part in the maturing of wines.

Vitamin B1 Tablets 100's

Used to aid wine during fermentation to encourage yeast growth. Particularly in Flower wines.
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Malic Acid

Encourages rapid fermentation and assists in the production of aroma and flavour of wine.

Beer Heading Liquid (to treat 25 gallons)

Used for encouraging stable and head retention in home beers.
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Used to ensure maximum yield of juice and flavour from fruits and prevent pectin hazes.

Yeast Nutrient

Used to ensure rapid and complete fermentation of wine. To be used inconjuction with any yeast culture.