Grains for Beermaking

crisp malts
MALTED GRAINS BULK . It's all  floor malted and we have regular deliveries so it's in excellent condition.. We'd recommend that you buy the crushed, all our shop customers do. If you keep it cool and dry it lasts for ages. Maris Otter seems to be the most popular, it's our favourite as well.

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Most of our malts are the  two row barleys. Maris Otter and Halcyon are both two row barley malt.

Maris Otter Crushed Malt

This is our most popular malt and it provides the staple malt for most beers.

EBC 5 -7

Golden Promise Crush Malt

Used by Timothy Taylors amongst others Seems to produce slightly sweeter rounder beers

EBC 5- 7

Europils Malt Crushed

Our traditional European-style malt is an excellent for Lagers and IPA

Munich Malt Crushed

Munich malt

Typically 25 EBC 3.6% moisture

One of the darker pale malts if you know what I mean!

Used for the nice dark Munich beers, some of the shop customers use this malt for their bitters. It gives a nice intense maltiness

Vienna Malt Crushed

A UK Vienna malt. A gorgeous golden colour and a malt flavour

EBC 6-8

Amber Malt Crushed

It;s almost the colour of crystal malt but a much toastier /biscuity flavour

Wheat Malt Crushed

For Wheat beers

Chocolate Malt Crushed 500g

Dark malt, no chocolate in it of course! It's just the colour is a nice chocolate one.

Tastes like burnt toast, for dark milds and stouts.

Roast Barley Crushed 500gm

This is the unmalted roasted barley, it's very dark. Almost black and has an intense flavour.

Mainly for guinness style stouts etc. But is used in old ales

Patent Black Malt (Black Malt) Crushed

Another very dark malt. Used in stouts dark milds etc

Burnt coffee to burnt toast flavour

colour EBC 1000

Torrefied Wheat

Promotes head retention and adds body.

Delivery on a full sack may be a couple of weeks- please ask

Flaked Barley 500G

The whole un-malted barley grain rolled. This is untreated grain just rolled flat, Promotes head retention and adds body.

Flaked Maize 500G

Maize is known in the UK as Sweet Corn. It's high in sugar but produces a thin bodied brew. Used as an adjunct it adds interesting flavours to your brew.

Carapils Crushed malt

It's the pilsner malt version of crystal malt- It's kilned at mashing temperature then roasted. This  means most of the starch is converted before roasting, the sugars are partly caramalised giving the flavours and colours needed for the darker heavier pilsners.

Crystal Malt Crushed Light EBC150

Crystal malt is the most poular adjunct.

If the recipe just says crystal then this is what you wa

Crystal malt is often used with liquid malts as it does not need mashing

Crystal Malt Crushed Dark

A darker crystal malt, gives that nice deep copper colour without too much crstal flavour

EBC 230 to 250

Medium Crystal malt Crushed