Harris Beer Bright Finings

Used to clear Beer. Add beer brite finings. Home brewers are always looking to achieve a high degree of clarity in their beers and lagers. In the past, beer was judged by flavour alone, however, with the lighter beers now becoming more popular, clarity is also an important consideration.
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Youngs Beer Finnings

Used to Beer. A single part process Fining is the technique of adding substances to the beer to help clear them. Most stubborn hazes are colloidal (gluey substances) in nature and most fining agents are also colloidal. Finings act by neutralising the electrical charges on the haze forming particles so that they fall out of the solution. Sufficient for 23 Litres / 5 Gallons.
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Harris Cider Clear

These are highly active cider finings. They are simple to use, leaving the cider quick to clear. These are freeze-dried powdered cider finings that can be stored at any temperature and still remain 100% active. This is a patented product. Conventional dry finings are difficult to mix and take a day to prepare, whereas CIDER CLEAR is ready for use within 15 minutes.

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Ritches Kwik Clear

A very reliable 2 part clearing agent suitable for wines or beers. Available in 2 sizes:

Ritches Wine & Beer Finings

Harris Winefine For 25lt

This is a twin pack 2 stage of finings for 5 gallons of wine
Based on Chitosan and Silicic Acid
WINEFINE sachets are ready mixed express wine finings that have a long shelf life and are easily applied straight from the packet.
The sachets can be stored at room temperature and can clear a wine in as little as 24hours. 
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