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Yeast for Beermaking

Lots of different yeasts! We know how to spoil you! The yeast makes a big difference to your homebrew. Kits will benefit from having a different yeast, try adding Safale US 05 to an IPA !

 Make sure any yeast you buy has been factory packed, yeast that comes in home made packaging can be contaminated by wild yeast strains. It's not worth the risk for saving a few pennies.


All our yeast are packed at the factory under their stringent conditions. As always don't forget to add an item to your favourites if you're going to buy it again!

 For White Labs Liquid yeast cultures click here

They are all for a  five gallon/25 litre batch but will easily do 10 gallons if you make a starter


Muntons Active Brewing Yeast- All Purpose Beer Yeast

If you just want a good beer yeast this is it! 6g sachet

Enough for a 5 gall brew

Muntons Gold Premium Active Beer Yeast Enough for 5 Gallons/23 Litres

Muntons Gold Premium Active Brewing Yeast.



Gervin GV12 Real Ale Yeast- for 5 gall/25 litre


Always a popular yeast, tends to drop out a bit so you need to stir it up after three days.


Safale 04 Ale Yeast

A well known commercial ale yeast. Settles well and forms a good crust on the bottom of the container.

For English ales, kicks off nice and fast!

Safale US 05 Light hoppy beers

Ready-to-pitch American ale yeast

Saf brew S 33 Higher alcohol beer

Robust ale yeast able to tolerate high alcohol conditions

Safbrew T58 -Strong beers up to 10%

Known for its high ester, spicy and peppery flavour profile,

Saf Brew WB 06 Wheat Beer

for wheat Beers

Saflager S23 Standard lager yeast

Originating from the famous VLB institute in Germany,

Saflager W34/70

Uses the Weihenstephan yeast.

For German type lagers and Pilsners

Nottingham Beer Yeast -Ale yeast

 Nottingham yeast is fast to start ,settles nicely and ferments out well.

Danstar Munich Wheat Beer Yeast

Another specialty yeast from Lallemand.

Danstar Windsor - Good fruity beer yeast

English Ale Yeast

Belle Saison Danstar Yeast

Belgian Yeast Strain for   Saison Style Beers

Danstar Bry-97 American West Coast Yeast

New Yeast strain from Lallemand, also known as BRY-97

Brewferm lager Yeast

Brewferm lager yeast are packed in Belgium and are a genuine lager yeast.


Tub of all purpose beer yeast 100g

A 100g tub of all purpose beer yeast

Mangrove Jack's Craft Series M44 US West Coast Yeast

Top Fermenting Mangrove Jacks M44. Ferments up to 23 L


Mangrove Jacks Belgian Ale 10g 40 Pints

Mangrove Jacks Belgian Ale- Strong Belgian dark or golden ales

Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Yeast M31 Belgian Tripel

  Mangrove Jack Begian Tripel,

Mangrove Jacks Craft Series MO5 Mead Yeast

10g Yeast for Mead. High Alcohol tolerance and allows the floral taste of the honey to shine through.

For up to 23 Litres

Mangrove JAcks Craft Series M44 US West Coast 10g

Us West Coast, for beers with plenty of hop flavour

MAngrove Jacks Craft series M84 Bohemian Lager 10g 40 Pints

Bohemian Lager- Proper bottom ferment lager yeast

Mangrove Jacks Bavarian Wheat M20

MAngrove JAck BAvarian Wheat M20 Top Ferment wheat yeast

MAngrove JAcks Craft Series M42 New World Strong Ale

For strong ales, neutral flavour

MAngrove JAcks Craft Series M36 Liberty Bell

Top fermenting for hoppy beers