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Ciders! We've got the lot!

Cider Kits

There's quite a few homebrew ciders and  we've got the whole range!

From Muntons Autumn Blush Cider to Magnum Strawberry Cider

If you like home brew cider then we are the best!

Home brew ciders tend to be dry and full of flavour. They are not like Strongbow!

These are full bodied dry and have a character of the real old farmhouse ciders.

If you like the draught cider from any decent real ale pub you will love these!

Homebrew ciders are among the elite of the homebrew world! They taste like farmhouse ciders, lots of flavour and loads of appliness!

Magnum Apple Cider Kit 40 Pint/30 Bottles

Made in Sweden from the best quality apple juice. !.7Kg juice


Magnum Pear Cider Kit 40 pint/23 Litres

Made with pear juice of course!

Magnum Strawberry Cider 40 pints

Yep! Cider with a strawberry flavour. And forty pints.

MAgnum Elderflower Cider 40 pint

A top quality cider extract with a sachet of Elderflower extract.

Festival Forest Fruits Cider 40 Pints 5.2%

Forest Fruit Cider from Festival

Festival Oaked Apple Cider 40 Pints 7.2%

Festival Cider Kits. 7.2% Go easy out there.


Festival Peach Cider 40 Pints 5%

Festival Peach Cider

On The Rocks Raspberry and Lime Cider 40 Pints

Raspberry and lime flavour cider! 40 pints of exciting cider.

On The Rocks Mixed Berry Cider 40 Pints

MIxed berry cider, 40 pints of your favourite mix

On The Rocks Blueberry Cider 40 Pints.out of code

Blueberry Cider, forty pints of the bloo stuff!

Black Rock Cider 40 pint

Made in New Zealand.

Muntons Cider Premium Gold 30 Pint

Contains 3 Kg juice 

Bulldog Brews Premium Cider Toffee Apple 4.5% 23 Litres 40 pints

How cool is this?


Bulldog Brews Premium Cider Perfect Apple 4.5% 23 Litres 40 pints

From  the Bulldog brews kennel! 40 pints of the very finest cider. 

Bulldog Brews Premium CiderStrawberry and Lime 4.5% 23 Litres 40 pints

Bulldog brews strawberry and lime cider

Bulldog Brews Premium Mixed Berry 4.5% 23 Litres 40 pints

Bulldog brews mixed berry cider, 40 pints of the choicest fruitiest berries you could ever imagine

Bulldog Brews Premium Cider Perfect Pear 4.5% 23 Litres 40 pints

We've been told to make no jokes about the perfect pear...

Brew Buddy Cider 40 Pint

A cider from the brew buddy stable

Brewmaker De Luxe Cider

Budget Cider

Youngs Peach and Passion Fruit Cider 40 Pints 3.5Kg

Just in! makes 40 pints at 4.8%-


Youngs Raspberry and Mango Cider 40 Pints 3.5 Kg

4.8% Raspberry and Mango cider.

Youngs Strawberry and Lime Cider 40 Pints 3.5 Kg

5.2%. 40 pints at a serious gravity, one of the all time classics.