One Gallon/4.5 Litre Beer Kits- Make 8 Bottles Or Use As Brew Dog Punk Refils!

Beer kits to make just 8 bottles. 4.5 litres, we have a range of six types!

These kits are also suitable for use with the Brew Dog One Gallon kits . They make good cheap refils at a fraction of the price. They're not Punk Dog but they are good! You'll find them a useful addition to the range.

Beer kits you can make in a demi-john! We'd recommend plastic demi- johns or you could use an empty 4.5 litre water bottle - You can buy the water in any supermarket and use the bottle.

They use ingredients from the shop and we've put together a few recipes that you may find fun!

Some nice easy recipes for a small amount of beer.


Imperial Dark Stout 4.5 Litres 8 Bottles 6%

A dark full bodied stout, well bittered and at 6% carrying enough alcohol to compliment those dark imperial flavours

Double Dragon American Amber Ale 4.5 Litres 8 Bottles 8%

Full bodied with a double in the face roundhouse of hoppiness strong and burly never surly.