Muntons Premium Gold and The Hand Crafted Craft Brewing Kits

The best of the Muntons range,  the Craft Brewing kits and The Premium Gold range

3.5 Kg of malt to give a full bodied and well tasty beer. We've been asking Muntons for some craft beers and now they've gorn an done it!

SIx  very nice beers with the promise of more to come!

These are the heavier more full bodied beers that we've come to expect and love. Drinking for the love of the beer, all this range are  a bit special, a bit more of the malt and hops, worth every penny.

Muntons Hand Crafted American Style IPA 40 Pints

40 Pints of Muntons AMerican IPA craft brewing kit.

5.5% of a well bittered American Style Pale Ale

IPA and American Craft Beers, Pale Ales
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Muntons Hand Crafted Belgian Style Ale 36 Pints

Muntons Belgian craft brewing kit, 36 pints at 7.5%

A pale ale of intense and fruity  flavour

IPA and American Craft Beers, Pale Ales
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Muntons Hand Crafted Oaked Ale 40 Pints

40 Pints of Muntons craft brewing kit. Hand crafted Oaked Ale at 5%

A nice deep copper coloured ale

Bitters and Ales
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Muntons Premimu Gold Midas Touch Golden Ale 3.6 Kg 40 Pints

It's the beer that's got the Midas Touch!

Midas Touch Golden Ale - It's not a lager, it's a bitter with a generous hoppy taste. It's getting to the stage of the American craft beers, blonde coloured and bitter.

We'd suggest adding some finishing hops for that genuine American Craft beer taste. Just click on more details!

Bitters and Ales
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Muntons Premium Gold Conkerwood Black Ale 40 Pints

We don't play conkers no more but we do love this beer!

Old Conkerwood Black Ale - Old Conkerwood, like a full blown grown up Guinness. What you'd expect if you were offered an Imperial Stout. Something beyond black, full bodied, well bittered a dryness with that bit of sweet edge that a true black beer needs... Now you're talking real black beer!

Stout and Guinness
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Smugglers Premium Ale


A true premium ale with a heady balance of aromatic hops and malty sweetness but beware, drink with care, as one glass begs another!

With this kit we’ve done the hard work for you so you can make delicious world class beers without fear of failure. Every beer style in the range has been carefully formulated with it’s own unique and specific ingredients, expertly blended by Muntons, to allow you to easily recreate authentic craft beer of outstanding quality. We have purposely kept the brewing process ultra simple, so that you can enjoy both the making and the drinking of these very special modern-classic ales.
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Santa's Winter Warmer

A strong, mellow ale balanced with choice aromatic and bittering hops.
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