Hop Pellets

Hop pellets look like rabbit food, small but nicely formed pellets of whole hops

They are packed in resealable bags so you can just use a few. They tend to break up to nothing in the boil so you get a really good extraction of flavour and bitterness but it creates it's own problems with filtering the hops out.


Amarillo Hop Pellets Alpha 8.8% Out Of stock

Sealed in nitrogen flushed bags for freshness. Bags can be resealed with the ziploc fastening.

Cascade Hop Pellets Alpha Acid 6.6%

Another of the flowers spice and citrus favourites, for those big citrus notes
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Chinook Hop Pellets Alpha Acid 11.1% 100g Out Of stock

Gorgeously pine, with spice and grapefruit

Citra Hop Pellets Alpha Acid 12.5%

Lovely Citrusy hops - lime and tropical fruit flavours
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Columbus Hop Pellets Alpha Acid 17.5% 100g Out Of stock

Pungently citrus and intense on the bitters. One of the four Cs! Citra, chinook , columbus and centennial. Very high alpha acid, so be careful in large amounts. The bitterness can be strong!

Hersbrucker/Hallertauer Hop Pellets Alpha Acid 3-5% 100g Out Of stock

Mild pleasant hop, slightly hay loft, typical lager hop.

Pacific Gem Hop Pellets Alpha Acid 13-15% 100g

New Zealand hop variety, proving very popular over here as well.

HIgh alpha acid but not too intense, almost a hint of balckberry. A perfect bittering hop as it  gives the bitterness without the pungency

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Pacific Jade Hop Pellets Alpha Acid 12-14% 100g Out Of stock

There are two main New Zealand hops. Jade is used in the very popular Black Rock beer kits.

Soft and citrusy but with plenty of bitterness.

Another very succesful hop for aroma and bitterness

Summit Hop Pellets Alpha Acid17-19% 100g

Used as a bittering hop in American style beers, good in barley wines and IPA as well.

High Alpha acid adds an intensity of bitterness missing in some hops

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Fuggles Hop Pellets 100gm

Fuggles hops are a famous British variety, found in a wide range of British beers. Vacuum packed to maintain the aroma and flavour, they can be used in all grain brews or added as dry hops to kit beers. Provides both a spicy aroma and a woody, herbal taste

Simco Hop Pellets 100gm

The Simcoe hop, here in pellet form, is a hop with moderate alpha acid of 11%. These are widely used in American craft beers such as pale ales & IPAs. They have great bittering qualities and boast an aromatic, piney aroma. USA hop, 100 gram bag.
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