Instructions on How to Use the Smart Still

The Air cooled still from Smart Still is easy to use and simple to operate!

Use for distilling alcohol may be illegal in your country please check before using to produce alcohol

How to use the Smart Air Cooled Still to Produce Alcohol- The instructions that come with the still are not very good, hope these instructions will be a bit better!


1 Make Something Alcoholic to make a Wash

1.  Make some alcohol, or use wine, cider , beer or anything. Best and simplest is to use a Triple Still Yeast to make some cheap alcohol. We'll now tell you how to distil that cheap alcohol to make it stronger

2 Open the Box -!!

Take your smart still out of the box and it's packed in white foam stuff. Carefully check everything, there's bit's stuck down the side of the foam  and  if you lift the lid off there's a jug inside the still

Put all the bits together and have a look at them!

4 Add the Smart Rings to The Still

Take the top off the still , you'll just have the stainless body of the still left.

Wash the inside with warm water and a bit of soap. Rinse it all off.

Open the black packet marked Smart Rings and tip them in the still.

5 Put the Carbon Filter on The Still

This bit causes a bit of confusion.

Take the black plastic bit (The Filter) out of the packet. It will fit on the outlet of the still when you're ready.

Open the black packet marked Smart Carbon and squash the whole pack into the black plastic thing (The filter!)

6 Fit The Carbon Filter to The Still

Take the black plastic carbon filter, that's the bit you just put the smart carbon in!

It clips under the spout on the lid of the still.

You don't have the force it, you may have the sort of squeeze  the lugs a bit and it makes a click as it fits properley

7 Make your Alcohol!

Look inside the still, there's a small line inside about a quarter of the way down.

Fill it with home made alcohol (Either from a triple still yeast or wine, cider etc.) you've made to this mark. That's 4 litres.