Simply Beer Kits

Simply beers, packed in heavy duty foil lined poly packs.

They're top quality malt at a budget price

We know you're going to love them!

Made by Ritchies who make lots of good things for home brew. They all require 1Kg of sugar

Simply Beer Kits 40 Pint Bitter Ale

A plain and simple bitter ale , a pint of bitter please mate!

A decent pub pint at a knock down price!

Bitters and Ales
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Simply Beer Kits 40 Pint Lager Ale

40 Pits of simply lager, what more do you need to know?

Simply a good pint of home made lager, at a great price!

Lager, Cervesa, Blondes and Bocks
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Simply Beer Kits 40 Pint Pale Ale

40 Pints of Simply Pale Ale, well hopped and light coloured, simple pale ale!

Like all simply malts it's packed cold so it keeps the flavours and character of the beer, most tinned beers are packed hot!

IPA and American Craft Beers, Pale Ales
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Simply Beer Kits 40 Pint Brown Ale

A simple brown ale, simply like a certain Newcastle one 

Slightly fruity but bitter and full flavoured.

A big favourite!



Mild and Brown Ale
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Simply Beer Kits 40 Pint Yorkshire Ale

Eeee lad, it's Yorkshire tha knows. Full bodied, copper coloured , beer that loves a thirst.

And a thirst quenching price too!

Bitters and Ales
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SimplyBeer Kits 40 Pint Export Stout

Stout Guiness and Porter, what's the difference? Not a lot now and I suspect there never was really. This ones a stout, dark bitter and brooding. A meal in a pint.
Stout and Guinness
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