Make an insulated mash tun flange

Here's a simple guide to making your own mash tun.

We've used an insulated cooler box but anything will do.

Here's the finished baby! Ain't she a beaut!

Nothing is soldered..

You don't want whatever they put in solder in your beer.

 It needs to come apart for cleaning or you'll get contamination.

It doesn't matter if it leaks, it's got holes in it anyway!



The Finished Flange/Sparging Ring

It's just a bit of copper pipe with some elbows but they work brilliantly

Fitting The Tap

The trickiest bit! Be careful here!

You have to drill two holes in the cool box, this shows why, the tap sits in the inner hole.

Drill the hole-- Carefully!

We used a cheap hole saw, one of those where you get about seven sizes nested together.You're only cutting plastic so the really cheap ones are fine.

First cut the big hole, cut the hole in a cardboard box first to check the size! We used a 38 mm hole saw, it was the third one in the set

use an electric drill, cut  the outer plastic then stop!! Take the cutter out of the drill and then cut the inside foam by just turning the drill by hand, if you use the electric drill it will go straight through the inside as well! the foam just pulls out.

Cut the inside hole, again cut a hole in a cardboard box to check the size, it needs to be a good fit to seal on the tap. We used a 28 mm hole saw, it was the second one in the set.

The hole already drilled guides it and you can just whizz it through

Assemble the flange, it's all a loose fit.

We just pinch the end of the pipe in the vice so it's a push fit and doesn't fall apart, otherwise it's all a bit loose.

It doesn't matter if it leaks as you've cut holes in it anyway.

We used a bit of plastic tube to join the pipe to the tap, it's 20 mm tube,push it over the copper pipe and pushes inside the tap.

Forgot! Saw the pipe! Use a rough blade in the hacksaw and cut just under halfway through. Look at the picture to see how many cuts, it's not critical anyway. We found that a fine cut  just got clogged up by the malt though.

The cuts are the bit that does the filtering, it's so simple!

The finished box!