Festival Premium Beer/Ale Kits

Oh Boy!! A really good range of the beer we all want to drink! Festival Premium Ales from Ritches

How good are these? they are staggeringly good, so good we think they are the best beer kits we've ever seen.

You have got to try them! We're full of praise, the Festival Range is exactly the beers we like to drink and they taste   stupendous! Don't just take our word for it try some of these bad boys today!



Festival Pilgrims Hope Ale 40 Pints 5% 3.5 Kg

Festival Pilgrims Hope, 40 pints of tawny ale.

A lovely gorgeous craft ale Surrey style beer

Festival Father Hooks Best Bitter 40 Pints 3Kg 4.5%

Festival Father Hooks Best Bitter- 40 pints of a light amber ale

Festival Landlords Finest Bitter 40 Pints 4.3% 3 Kg

Festival Landlords Finest Bitter 40 Pints

Light Amber ale with a glow!

Festival Golden Stag Summer Ale 40 Pints 4.5 % 3Kg

Festival Golden Stag Summer Ale 40 pints of bitter Golden ale!

Festival Old Suffolk Strong Ale 40 pints 4 kg 6%

Old Suffolk Strong Ale 6%

A darker Old Ale style beer

Additional Hops Boadicea

Festival Pride of London Porter 40 Pints 3.6k 5.2%

Festival Pride of London Porter

40 Pints Dark 5.2% Porter- Medium bitterness , dark and almost stout like

Festival Razorback IPA 40 Pints 3.6 Kg 5.7%

How much better can better get! A new new boy! Festival Razorback ale

Festival Endeavours Pale Ale 40 Pints SORRY SOLD OUT

It's back! Endeavours Pale Ale from festival


Festival World Beers Vienna Red Lager

5%   40 Pints, Festival Vienna Red Lager

3.5 Kg of Malts

Festival World Beers US Steam Beer

Festival US steam beer 40 Pints at 5%

Festival World Beers Begian Dubbel

32 Pints at 7.2%

Festival Belgian Dubbel- Dark beer

Festival World Beers Belgian Pale Ale

5.5 % to make 40 Pints of Belgian Pale Ale

Festival World Beers New Zealand Pilsner

5% to Make 40 Pints

New Zealand Pilsner

Why are Festival Premium Kits So Good?

They're made by Ritchie products in Burton on Trent. Ritchie's are one of the  oldest hands in the homebrew game, they have the expertise and knowledge to produce  the best kits!

Festival Summer Glory Golden Ale 40 Pints

Festival Summer Glory 40 Pints at 5% Golden Ale