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The Butler one gallon range!

Connoisseurs Butlers 6 Bottle Home Wine Kits

The world famous 6 bottle Butler wine kits from Ritchie.

One of the original three week wine kits. and has it's following!

You have to provide the sugar and most of them need a 1 Kg bag. They are a bit old school but do produce a nice authentic tasting wine. The sherry is the only kit sherry left so it has to be good!

The Sherry , Vermouth and Ginger are a bit stronger than normal at 17%, the  rest of the range come out at about 12%. The Sherry and port have a following!


Connoisseurs Butlers Connoiseurs 6 bottle White Hockheimer

German style dry white wine.You might never have guessed but it's like a Hock!

Connoisseurs Butlers 6 bottle Wine Kit White Vermouth Bianco

A white Vermouth style Cinzano like drink. Very good, it uses dried herbs and tastes very authentic