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Bottle Brush

Tool for cleaning wine & beer bottles.
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Cranked demi John Brush

Cranked brush used to clean Demi Johns.
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Barrel Brush (36" x 12" x 3")

Extra long brush for cleaning barrels.
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Bottle Washer/Steriliser

This clever piece of kit allows you to wash your bottles with steriliser.
Please Note: The bottle washer cannot be fitted on top of the drying tree.
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Better Brew Bottle Rinser

Rinse and sterilise yor wine or beer bottles

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Bottle Tree Drainer

The Better Brew bottle drainer will hold around 80 bottles
Saving space when cleaning your bottles
Ideal for wine. beer , cider bottles 
Clean and rise and leave to drain / dry or you can use 
The bottle drainer just to store the bottles off the floor.

Bottle Tree Rinser Cleaner Combo

1 x 50 bottle tree

1 x Bottle rinser

1 x Peractic Acid no rinse steriliser

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Bottle Rinser,50 Bottle Tree And Peracetic Acid Combo

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