Hambleton Bard Dry Beer Kits

Hambleton Bard Dry Beer Kits

Perfect for export to "Dry" Countries. There's separate instructions available below.

We'll send these without a box and instructions if you want!

Ok! Be Honest! We send lots of these to Kuwait etc. Just tell us it's for a dry country and we'll pack them  so no one knows!!

These are one the few homebrew kits to use dry malt powder and kettle hop extracts.

This gives them a very commercial style flavour and character, if you want  a different home brew beer then you've got to try one!


Hambleton Bard Dry 40 Pint Old English

Lovely bitter beer based on a peculiar old Yorkshire beer!

It's about 5% and has a nice dark colour with a definite sweet edge just nicely offset by the  bitterness. Try adding a beer enhancer for extra body and flavour, just replace the 1kg of sugar with a beer enhancer.


Hambleton Bard Dry 40 Pint Amber Export

Amber export, it's along the lines of the old McEwans Export or Hobgoblin. Not as heavy as the Old English but packing an export punch.

We liked it as it is but some people are adding extra hops to this one as well to give it more bite!

about 4.9%

Hambleton Bard Dry 40 Pint Bards Bitter

Nice pale blonde brew like a famous Manchester cream bitter, pleasantly hopped with a nice smooth taste.

We added extra hops which may not be possible if we're packing for export to a dry country but you could add a teaspoon of hop extract, which we can pack for a dry country!

About 3.8% when made 

Hambleton Bard Dry 40 Pint Lager Supreme

Blonde lager with a clean malty palate and a slight bitterness

Not too heavy as the dried malt extract gives a much lighter body than the liquid.

About 3.9%

Hambleton Bard Dry 40 Pint Strong Bitter

Nicely rounded and full bodied bitter with a good colour. Like a dark Yorkshire beer, along the lines of a ruby ale. Good bitterness and a slight toastiness from the dark malts.

About 4.5%