3 Gall/24 Pint Barley Wine Stockport Style

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A barley wine in the  Stockport manner! When we were young and stupid, or brave! We used to drink it with a half of mild in a pint pot. I don't remember what happened by the end of the evening....In most Stockport pubs they'll only serve it in a half pint glass to stop you finding out!

Og Is about 1060, which will give you about 7.5% -- So  GO EASY!


1. 1.5kg Amber malt extract(Coopers)

 2   1kg lt dried malt extract

3.  55g   Cascade Hops(packed in 110g-just use half the packet)

4.      250g Crystal Malt

5.      Yeast

 Boil 1 , 4 and 3 in as much water as possible( about three gallons is best but you can use much less)

After 30 mins boil strain off into  a clean sterilised bucket and add no 2 . Stir well to dissolve

Make up to 3 gallons with cold water and leave to cool below 24 C

Add yeast and leave to ferment for about 7 days or until all signs of fermentation have finished.(Bubbles stop rising)

-Syphon off into a barrel or bottles using ½ teaspoon of sugar per pint to prime bottles or 50 to 100 g to a pressure barrel.

Leave in a warm place for 5 days then into a cool place to clear----Cheers!

This beer is best bottled and stored for about 6 months. Then treat with respect!

Feel free to copy this recipe and hand it friends but please leave this line on www.thebrewshop.com  sales@thebrewshop.com