Nut Brown Ale 40 Pints MAlt Extract Recipe

A dark beer with the flavour coming from the crystal malts.


We used to drink a bottle of this with a half of dark mild..

The picture is Houldsworth Sq in Reddish, the Houldsworth Arms is the building on the left, it's where I first learnt about beer. Gorgeous dark Chesters Mild and brown ales in bottles. The bookies was on the right behind the white building, the air was so thick with tobacco smoke it fell in lumps out of the door when anyone went in or out.

The pub still had waiters you summoned with a bell and it had a separate off licence  sales door which meant you could buy alcohol without entering the pub..

The nut browns were not that strong in alcohol but had plenty of taste. They were not bitter like Newcastle brown but depended on the caramel malts for the taste. Too much chocolate malt gives it a stout taste but you need a bit for the colour and depth of flavour.


1. 1.5 kg Coopers light liquid malt extract

2.    1 kg  Brewing Sugar

3.      55g Fuggles Hops -You could add an extra 25 g of Goldings if you want it more bitter.

4.      400g Crystal Malt

5       150g Chocolate Malt

6.      Muntons Gold Yeast

 Boil 1 , 4, 5  and 3 in as much water as possible( about three gallons is best but you can use much less)

After 30 mins boil strain off into a clean sterilised bucket and add no 2 . Stir well to dissolve

Make up to 5 gallons with cold water and leave to cool below 24 C

Add yeast and leave to ferment for about 7 days or until all signs of fermentation have finished.(Bubbles stop rising)

-Syphon off into a barrel or bottles using ½ teaspoon of sugar per pint to prime bottles or 50 to 100 g to a pressure barrel.

Leave in a warm place for 5 days then into a cool place to clear----Cheers!

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